Rachel Cipriano is the CEO/Founder of Magnificent Resilience, a speaking and coaching business dedicated to the personal and professional success of others. While some have trouble accepting supervision, Rachel believes a far greater problem organizations must resolve is having too many followers and not enough leaders. She empowers others to take personal initiative, ownership, and responsibility while maintaining a spirit of cooperation. From the receptionist to the CEO, all are called to leadership in some capacity.

Magnificent Resilience, Rachel Cipriano, Speaker, Author, Coach


Rachel speaks to organizations committed to building leaders of excellence and deeper significance. She emphasizes those who are great maintain a commitment to integrity and service. She communicates her exceptional insights with a dynamic speaking style buffered by a great deal of personal warmth. Her charisma, transparency, and humility powerfully connect with others inspiring them to respond to her call to action. 
Rachel provides life and leadership coaching drawing upon skills attained from her many years of working with clients in therapeutic settings. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and a Master’s in counseling. While coaching expressly differs from therapy, her innate, as well as, honed emotional intelligence equips her with exceptional expertise to facilitate growth. 
Rachel believes service is integral to success and significance. She has worked with KidsMatter, ParentsMatterToo, and the Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago. These organizations are dedicated to building resilience within families. She is certified as a Mental Health First Aid responder by the National Council of Community Behavior Healthcare. 
Rachel is committed to the highest caliber of professionalism. She is a graduate of Speaker University, a credential attained through the National Speaker’s Association of Illinois. In addition, she completed both CLASS and UpperCLASS, two nationally recognized seminars for speakers and writers. 
Rachel resides in Aurora, Illinois with her husband and two children. She has a strong faith cultivated through overcoming significant adversity. This triumph over numerous obstacles has created a “fire in her belly” to equip others to become more resilient and successful. She has a tremendous love for her family and readily admits she is a recovering helicopter parent. She enjoys reading, spending time in nature, and traveling. 


Rachel is a leadership catalyst who skillfully drives others to greater success and significance. Her messages consistently emphasize the power resilience has to transform individuals and organizations. She has spoken regionally and nationally to organizations such as the American Society for Quality, BDPA, and Standard Bank. She enthusiastically awaits the release of her book, Magnificent Resilience: The Psychology of Success and Significance. 

BOOK Description:
Magnificent Resilience: The Psychology of Success and Significance

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