Rachel is a leadership catalyst who skillfully drives others to greater success and significance. Her messages consistently emphasize the power resilience has to transform individuals and organizations. Depending on the needs of the venue, Rachel’s speaking topics may be presented as Keynotes, Workshops, or Seminars. Her expertise in emotional intelligence makes her an ideal fit for organizational retreats. She has the ability to customize her presentations to address the unique challenges of each group.


Magnificent Resilience rachel Speaking

Business Speaking

Magnificent Resilience: The Psychology of Success and Significance 
Would you like to optimize your level of excellence both personally and professionally? Discover the fears that can block effectiveness. Acquire the skills necessary to confront obstacles which lead to stagnation individually and collectively. Break free from the pack and lead others to greater levels of impact. Become a change agent and recognize the most successful consistently choose to be of service. Create a lasting legacy by facilitating the growth of others. 
Magnificent Resilience: Leaders of Integrity 
“So goes the leader so goes the organization”; the influence of a leader should never be underestimated. The consequences of compromised ethics are pervasive. Increasingly, a code of guiding principles is being replaced with a culture of ambiguity. Those of the highest caliber are committed to strong ethics personally and professionally. Gain insight on the attributes of character necessary to oversee and build a synergized, high-functioning team. Empower the members of your organization to dispel confusion and manifest greatness. 
Magnificent Resilience: The Power of Emotional Intelligence 
Those who listen are far more likely to be heard. Emotionally intelligent leaders understand and model this axiom. They experience tremendous results by cultivating cultures of synergy. The most effective leaders have both logic and intuition. Their high degree of self- awareness and empathy equip them to lead from a position of great power. Yet, they understand true strength is found in humility and service. Gain insights which will enhance the quality, productivity, and reach of your organization. 
Magnificent Resilience: Influence and Impact 
Belief systems are powerful. Negative mindsets hinder creativity and potential. Cognitive distortions lead to self-limiting beliefs. In contrast, constructive thinking instills the resilience necessary to confront challenges and excel. Those with the greatest influence and impact invest in training designed to reframe and transform the way they think. Rise to the next level by acquiring these life-changing principles. 


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Christian Speaking

Magnificent Resilience: Becoming a Victorious Christian 
Are life’s battle scars keeping you bound with a root of rejection and bitterness? Discover how to break free from the pain of the past. Embrace God’s power to heal when you choose to follow His pathway to peace through forgiveness. Pride and self-pity lead to powerlessness hindering your ability to love. Resolve to avoid these destructive traps and fully experience victory! 


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